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Collection: 510 Cartridge Batteries

With a 510-cartridge battery in hand, anything is possible. Smoke King offers a creative assortment of handheld vapes, oil cartridges, and concentrates that are securely compatible with 510-thread vape cart batteries. The beauty of these rechargeable pens is that they don't draw any unwanted attention so each puff is a true moment of privacy.


Puff Like There’s No One Watching

Many of the 510 cartridge batteries on our online smoke shop come with changeable voltage settings, allowing users to adjust the voltage output to their liking. This is an excellent way to tweak your settings based on how you like to puff. If you're looking for thicker, more flavorful clouds, then a high temperature is ideal. When your battery runs low, conveniently recharge it using a USB cable.


What does the ‘510’ stand for?

When you see '510-threaded' beside one of our vape batteries for sale, this refers to the thread measurement that connects the vape battery to the actual cartridge. The 510 battery is compatible with many popular vapes, so don't be afraid to explore all of our exciting pen options.

How do I safely use a vape battery?

Your vape battery should always be at a comfortable room temperature. Keep it out of extremely hot or cold temperatures to minimize damage. You should never use a vape pen with a voltage higher than the suggested range for the battery. Always remember to keep your 510 cartridge battery away from water and other liquids as this may cause serious damage to the battery mechanism.

Easy, Efficient E-Vapes

If you’re looking to explore outside the realm of 510 vape cart batteries, you could opt for our more creative, more uniquely designed e-vapes. All of our vapes online are conveniently easy to use whether they’re rechargeable or disposable. Discover a new type of vape that perfectly fits your lifestyle.