Collection: Pink Bongs

Water pipes always hold true to their promise of a smooth, clean hit, but everyone knows your bong is prettier in pink. Pink bongs and bubblers make an iconic statement for your combined love of counterculture and your feminine side. With each smooth hit from the highest quality bongs from Smoke King, you’ll transcend the ordinary and make your experience extraordinary.

Bongs and Bubblers

Bubblers and bongs are the best choice to get you a cool, smooth hit. From inhale to exhale, your pink bong from Smoke King’s selection of glass bongs for sale will hold water and ice to filter and cool your smoke for the smoothest experience. Our pink bubblers are designed to hold just enough water to keep your hit smooth. So whether you choose a bong or a bubbler from Smoke King, you’ll have the highest quality glass for you to pack, puff, and pass.


What is a bong?

Bongs are also often called water pipes. They have a chamber for water, and have a removable glass bowl to pack your dry herb. The water in a bong is used to filter the smoke, which cools your hit. You can also add ice to the neck of your bong to cool things down even more.

What is a bubbler?

Bubblers are considered to be a mix between a pipe and a bong. They hold water to cool your hit, but their bowl is not removable. Bubblers also tend to be a bit more portable than bongs so if you’re looking to travel between your friends’ houses for the night, pack the bubbler.

To Bong Or To Bubble

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced smoker, if you’re shopping for a pink bong or a pink bubbler, there’s a very good chance you will want one of each. Smoke King has the selection you need to choose the right pieces for your collection, including flolar bongs for sale. We offer same-day shipping in discreet packaging, so take some time to explore more at Smoke King’s online smoke shop. We’ll have you sparkin’ up smooth hits in no time.