Collection: Cute bongs

Whether you’re a beginner smoker or a seasoned connoisseur, our selection of cute bongs are the best way to show off your unique smoke style. Smoke King’s online smoke shop has bongs that fit the cuteness in everyone’s personality. Whether you prefer trippy hippy vibes or are looking for a pretty bong that doubles as a vase to add to your decor, you’re sure to find the bong that’s perfect for your personal smoke style at Smoke King.

High Quality Glass Bongs

At Smoke King, we know that you want your smoke experience to make a statement that is uniquely you. The glass bongs for sale in our online store come in a variety of designs. We keep our store stocked with pretty bongs, percolator bongs, Flower bongs and more. We know you want your smoke experience to make a statement while still being functional and affordable. Smoke King has everything to meet your smoke expectations.


How do I clean my cute bong?

All the bongs we sell need to be cleaned to ensure your piece is clog-free and your hits are smooth and fresh. Be sure to follow cleaning instructions that come with your bong and use a bong cleaner regularly to keep your bong like new.

What’s the difference between a bong and a rig?

A bong is used to smoke dried flower. You pack your bong’s bowl with dried flower and light it with a regular lighter. Rigs are used to vaporize concentrates. The concentrate is placed on a “nail” which is heated to high temperatures to vaporize the concentrate.

Light it UP

It’s true that you can light your cute bong with a lighter, but you can light up with a torch, too. Torches are the perfect accessory for your bong, as well as a necessity for your rig. They are actually perfect for sparking up all kinds of smokes, as well as essential for creating the perfect creme brulee. The selection of butane torches at Smoke King is sure to have the spark you need.