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Tsunami Dual 510 Tank Battery

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Elevate your vaping journey with the Tsunami Duo - Dual 510 Tank Vaporizer. Experience the perfect balance of performance, versatility, and style, all in one exceptional device.

Product Features:

- Two Vaping Modes: Single or Dual
- Four Voltage Temperature Control for a smoother experience (2.8V - 4.2V)
- Compatible with most 510 Cartridges
- 600 Mah Rechargeable Battery with auto shutoff
- Includes Male Adapter 14mm and 18mm for Water Bongs
- Includes USB Charger
- Elevate the flavor and increase the lifespan of your oil carts with the tsunami premium duo


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Instructions: Dual Cartridge Setting:
The Tsunami Premium Duo is designed to use one or two cartridges simultaneously or separately. To select which cartridge to operate, push the cartridge shift button. If you have 2 cartridges inserted, this button will help you shift from one cartridge to the other or operate both simultaneously. Follow the corresponding lighting to that particular side of the device. Both lights present indicate both cartridges will operate simultaneously. if you only have 1 cartridge inserted, then only that side will light up and be available for use

Tsunami Premium Duo is compatible with most 510 cartridges. Remove the cartridge magazine from the body by pulling it down. Screw in one or two cartridges, clockwise, until snug. When inserted correctly, the indicator light corresponding to the proper cart will light up. If no light, make sure the magnetic connection is solid and the magazine is attached properly.

Vaping Modes:

Button Press Mode: Simply hold the unit to your lips and press the power button to start vaping. When the button is pressed, the color of the LED will signify your current voltage setting.
Preheat Mode: A 15-second preheat mode is used to make oils more viscous for better vaping experiences in cold temperatures. To activate, make sure the device is turned on and press the power button two times. The LED band will flash a variety of colors for 15 seconds. When the flashing ends, your device is primed and ready to go.
Auto Draw Mode: The Tsunami Duo is enhanced with an auto-draw feature. Simply pull from the mouthpiece to start vaping. No button press is required.
Water Pipe Mode:

Pull open the SILICONE PLUG on the bottom of the device screw in assembled water adapter to bottom of the device. Insert proper end of water pipe adapter into downstem on your water bong. Allow 15 second pre-heat cycle to prime the cartridges. Start your vaping session by pressing the power button and holding or pull to activate via the auto draw feature.

Safety Warnings

- Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures

- Do not charge your battery through a car

- Do not overcharge or charge unattended

- Do not use the device while charging

- Do not disassemble the device or change the battery