Collection: Rolling Tray Sets

Elevate your smoking sessions with our meticulously curated rolling tray sets. Crafted with precision to elevate your smoking experience, our comprehensive sets redefine convenience and style. You're at the ultimate destination for top-tier rolling trays with lids.

Discover Premium Rolling Tray Sets with Magnetic Lids 

Our commitment to delivering excellence shines through in every detail of our rolling tray sets. Each set includes essential components designed to cater to your smoking needs. A rolling tray with a magnetic lid forms the centerpiece of these sets, ensuring that your herb and accessories stay securely in place. Alongside this innovative design, you'll find a digital weight scale, a high-quality grinder, rolling papers, a poker, and additional compartments for better organizing—all seamlessly integrated into the set.


Do I need a rolling tray?

While you could roll your joints on the table, we don’t recommend it. Trays make sure your herb is right where you need it when it’s time to roll up or pack a bowl. It also ensures that it is clean and free of debris that may be on another surface in your rolling space.

How long do rolling trays last?

Rolling trays are usually made of tin or aluminum, which makes them exceptionally durable. If you keep your tray clean, it can be a trusted companion for many years.

How does the innovative design of a rolling tray with a lid benefit smokers?

The innovative design of a rolling tray with a magnetic lid ensures that your herb and accessories stay securely in place, offering both convenience and organization for smokers during their sessions.

How does Smoke King ensure prompt delivery of their rolling tray sets?

Smoke King’s online smoke shop guarantees swift delivery of their sets through same-day shipping, ensuring customers receive their chosen sets promptly for immediate enjoyment.

Your Trusted Companions

Every smoker has their trusty sidekicks that put their unique signature on their sesh. A rolling tray can become one of your trusted smoking companions for many years to come, just like your most trusted bong, or most treasured dab rig. When you’re looking for the pipes and pieces that will withstand the test of time, shop Smoke King. Our same day shipping and dedicated customer service will exceed your expectations and get you the quality you desire.