Collection: Nectar Collector

When you want that sweet honey vapor on the go, Smoke King is your ultimate source for a premium nectar collector. Our diverse collection boasts high-quality silicone and glass nectar collectors that guarantee an unparalleled smoking experience for you. With our competitive pricing, you won't have to break the bank to enjoy the smooth and flavorful hits when you dab with a nectar collector. Shop now and elevate your smoking sessions with us.

Dabbing Concentrates

Every smoker knows concentrates are highly potent, which is part of why they’re so popular. When it comes to concentrates, a little goes a long way but you don’t want to waste any of your product. When you dab with a nectar collector you get a perfectly portable dab at just the right temperature, so you get the flavor and effect you expect from your top-shelf wax, shatter, budder, and more.


How do you dab with a nectar collector?

Whether you are using a silicone or glass nectar collector, you may want to fill the body with water. But that is optional. You need a heat safe surface to put your concentrate on, and from there, you can heat the tip of your nectar collector with a butane torch. Once heated, place the tip into the concentrate and inhale the vapor.

How do you clean a nectar collector?

The key to cleaning your nectar collector is to take it apart. Soak each piece in a cleaning solution to remove any residue. You can use a q-tip or pipe cleaner to scrub away any stubborn stickiness, too. Once clean, be sure to rinse well and dry before putting it back together.

What’s the difference between a dab pen and a nectar collector?

Both are a great, portable option, and while a dab pen is great for dabbing on the go, a nectar collector delivers a denser hit of vapor. Both are great options, but if you’re looking for a hit that is closer to a regular dab rig, the nectar collector is the way to go.

It’s Electric!

Smoke King’s online smoke shop has more than just traditional nectar collectors for sale. Explore our collection of electric nectar collectors. The difference between a dab from a traditional nectar collector and an electric nectar collector is that the electric version doesn’t need a torch to heat the tip. Instead, the tip is heated to the perfect temperature with the touch of a button. Whether you want to dab from a nectar collector, or perhaps you are in the market for a more traditional dab rig, Smoke King has the accessories you need to make your next smoke your best smoke.