Collection: LED Rolling Trays

Tired of fumbling in the dark? Elevate your rolling game with Glow Tray's electrifying collection of LED and glow-in-the-dark rolling trays. Forget lighters and squinting – our trays illuminate your herb with vibrant LED lights or enchanting luminescence, so every grind and roll is a visually stunning masterpiece.

Ditch the Dim, Light Up Your Roll: Glow Tray's LED Rolling Revolution

LED Rolling Trays: Choose your color, and set the mood. From pulsating party lights to chill, ambient glows, our LED trays let you personalize your rolling experience. Rechargeable batteries keep the illumination going, while durable construction ensures your tray shines as bright as your creativity

Cookies fans, we haven't forgotten you: Check out our exclusive Glow Tray x Cookies collaboration, featuring iconic designs that light up your love for the brand.

Not just pretty faces, these trays are packed with features:

Smooth, easy-clean surfaces for effortless rolling and mess-free maintenance.

Raised edges to corral your precious herb, no tumbleweeds allowed.

Sleek, portable designs that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Some even boast built-in grinders and stash compartments for ultimate rolling convenience