Collection: Tall Bongs

When you want a sizable hit that packs a punch, your bong size definitely matters. Tall bongs are the perfect piece to get you the mind-bending hit you want. Tall glass bongs hold more water which means they’ll cool your hit down so you can savor the flavor and effects of your favorite strain with less cough.

Tall vs Standard Bongs

Tall bongs and standard bongs come in a variety of shapes and are made from different materials. The difference between tall and standard glass bongs for sale is in the size. Some bongs can range up to 22 inches or more. Aesthetically, choosing a tall glass bong or standard bong is personal preference, but bigger bongs definitely have the capacity to build up and deliver those big baller hits that will take you right where you want to go.


Should I add ice to my bong?

Bongs hold water as a way to filter and cool your hit. This helps turn down the cough factor. Most, if not all, bongs have ice catchers, so you can load up the chamber with ice cubes and turn down the temperature even more. Tall bongs definitely serve up a big hit, so adding ice will cool things down nicely.

Are bongs really more cost effective?

Bongs, whether tall glass bongs or silicone beaker bongs, definitely help get the most bang for your cannabis buck. With a bong, you will smoke a fraction of the herb as you would from a joint. Of course it comes down to personal preference, but if you want to stretch your dollar, a bong will be a cost-effective addition to your cannabis toolbox.

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