Collection: Glow In The Dark Bongs

When you want the perfect smoke, the glass you use matters. Bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with their own unique aesthetics and features that add your unique smoke style to every spark up. This is precisely why you need to explore Smoke King’s selection of glow in the dark bongs.


Every smoker knows that their individuality is represented by not only the clouds they craft, but also by the hardware they use — and the bong is the classic centerpiece of every smoke sesh. Whether you’re having a solo sesh with a glow in the dark beaker bong or a sesh with friends with something more traditional, bongs are a cornerstone of smoker culture. Glass bongs speak to your individual style and are the storyteller of your personal smoke journey.

Why buy a bong that glows in the dark?

A glow in the dark bong is a fun way to enhance the vibes of each session and they’re practical. A bong that glows in the dark is not only a fun way to light up a sesh when the lights are low, it also makes it easier to spot in the dark. This is especially useful to prevent spilling and breaking.

How should I clean a bong that glows in the dark?

Whether your bong glows in the dark, or is something more traditional, you still want to keep it clean to get the best smoke with each hit. Changing the water after each use is one way to keep things fresh, but you should also use a good cleaning solution on your bong, as well as on the bowl. This will keep your bong functioning properly and your hits rolling clean and flavorful.

The Smoker Outfitter

Smoke King is the premier online smoke shop for the smoker culture. Explore our variety of glow in the dark beaker bongs, or check out our glass pipes, vapes, and a variety of accessories that will come in handy for every smoker. We even have a selection of hookah pipes, if you’re looking to refine your personal smoke style.