Collection: Mushroom Bongs

If you want to follow the white rabbit look no further than our selection of mushroom bongs. Whether you want to go big or keep your glass small, a mushroom water pipe is the perfect sidekick to take your herbal experience to new levels of trippy.

The Shroom Bong

Altered states of consciousness await when you spark up your herb in a mushroom bong. The clean lines and quality craftsmanship of these mushroom water pipes are sure to help your herb carry you to far away lands. After all, you never know what you’ll find when you open the doors in your mind.


What’s the difference between mushroom bongs and pipes?

Bongs, which are also called water pipes, are smoking devices that cool the smoke using water. Bongs generally have a column where you can add ice, if you’d like to cool things down even more. Pipes, on the other hand, generally don’t have a water filtration to cool the smoke. For a cooler hit, you may want to choose a pipe with a longer chamber between the bowl and the mouthpiece.

What’s a perc bong?

Bongs tell a story about your smoke style. A bong that has a “perc” says a lot about how smooth you like your hit. Perc bongs have more chambers for the smoke to pass through. For every chamber, the smoke is filtered further, delivering you a cool, smooth hit.

Bongs and More

Now that you’ve experienced our mushroom bongs it’s time to have a look at the other bongs, pipes, and accessories in our online smoke shop. We have a variety of glass bongs for sale in different sizes, styles, and with features everyone from beginners to connoisseurs will enjoy. Order your new piece today and get free same-day shipping!