Collection: Disposable Vapes

Our disposable vapes are the perfect pick-me-up for everyday moments. We carry all major brands like ELFBAR, Hyde, Air Bar, Cali Bars, and Juicy Pods. Every vape we have for sale online comes in an assortment of delicious, unique flavors so you can enjoy vaping exactly how you like it. Shop and have your favorites shipped the same day.

Vapes That Keep On Puffing

All of our disposable vapes tell you exactly how many puffs you can enjoy before you need to stock up again. These convenient vapes are perfect for traveling or discreetly using when you need a moment of peace and privacy. All of the vape brands we have for sale through our online smoke shop are some of the finest, on-trend names you'll see, so you know the product is always good. 

Vapes FAQs

How does a disposable work?

There are three main components of these vapes: a coil, pod, and battery. When you inhale, the vape battery heats the coil and absorbs the e-juice held within the pre-filled pod. This is what allows you to take a calming, cigarette-like drag. There’s no refilling, no worries about any leaks, and most of these vapes don’t even need to be recharged.

Which vape is right for me?

Only you can decide! Our vapes come in all sorts of juicy flavors, nicotine levels, and battery sizes. If you are new to vaping, we recommend the lower nicotine levels, or first finding a flavor that really speaks to your tastes. Explore our long-lasting battery options if you’re looking for a disposable that will last you a long while.

Bong or Vape?

Set and setting is everything when it comes to picking the right product for you. For on-the-go use, we always suggest a disposable vape that will fit nicely in your pocket and keep you satisfied. For more social settings or a hearty-yet-smooth smoking experience, check out our glass bongs for sale. Bongs are a great way to get the most out of your herb when you've got time to sit back and relax.