Collection: Electric Nectar Collectors

Experience the future of dabbing with Smoke King’s collection of electric nectar collectors. Our selection of portable, new-gen electric nectar collector pens combine a compact design with unparalleled power. These will deliver the smoothest hits, leaving you to indulge in dense clouds of vapor and the true essence of your favorite concentrates.

Dab-Rig Alternative

When you’re looking for a handheld, convenient alternative to bulkier dab rigs, look no further than a nectar collector with an electric heating element. This type of heating element is consistent, which gets you the perfect temperature dab every time. Flavors are unparalleled when you dab at the right temperature, and the discretion offered by an electric nectar collector makes for efficient vaporization, even on-the-go.


What Concentrates Are Best For Nectar Collectors?

There’s really no limit to the type of concentrates that can be vaporized with a nectar collector or an electric nectar collector pen. You can vape everything from wax, shatter, live resin, rosin, sugar, budder, and pretty much any other type of concentrate available.

Are There Temp Controls on Nectar Collectors?

When vaporizing concentrates, you can use a nectar collector that requires a torch to heat, or you can use an electric nectar collector, which has temperature controls. When vaporizing concentrates, temperature makes all the difference to the best experience. Experimenting with temperature to get the best flavor and the best effect from your concentrate is part of the fun of dabbing.

A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

Similar to a nectar collector, dab pens come in super handy for vaping concentrates on-the-go. They too offer temperature controlled dabbing for just about any type of concentrate. Smoke King’s online smoke shop offers a variety of dab pens that will fit any budget, making dab pens not only incredibly user friendly, but also an affordable alternative to traditional dab rigs.