Collection: Gas Mask Bongs

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How Does A Gas Mask Bong Work?

This bong combines a gas mask and a water pipe through an adaptor which connects the two. The mask creates an airtight seal around the face so when the bowl is lit, the smoke filters through the bong water and flows into the mask. Simply inhale and the exhale goes out through an exhalation valve.

How Do You Clean A Bong with a Gas Mask?

Cleaning a face mask bong is not too different from cleaning a regular bong. First, disassemble all the parts, rinse them, and then soak them in a cleaning solution. You may need to gently scrub some parts to ensure any sticky residue is removed. Then rinse well, allow to dry, and reassemble. Between full cleanings, you can also wipe down the inside of the mask with an antiseptic wipe.

Maybe Just a Bong, Instead

While a gas mask bong is a fun addition to your water pipe collection, you may be looking for something a little more straight forward. Check out our online smoke shop’s selection of bongs for sale. You’ll find a variety of percolator bongs, pink bongs, cute bongs, and oh so many more. No matter your style, you’re sure to find a bong that fits your personality. Smoke King selects only the best bongs, so with proper care, you’re sure to have your bong with you for a lifetime.