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Go to your happy place with your vape in hand. We offer all major brands like SMOK, Vaporesso, Caliburn, Geekvape, and more. All of the rechargeable and disposable electronic vapes we offer online can be paired with delicious vape juices. Shop now and have your favorites shipped the same day.

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Smoke King has an exciting variety of vapes available online at all times with great deals. Our portable options are perfect for travel or times when you want to vape without drawing attention to yourself. Avid vapers who prefer big, milky vape clouds will enjoy our larger vapes. Our online smoke shop offers only the finest products, so you can shop for vapes and delicious vape juices, all in one same-day purchase.


How do e-vapes work?

Electronic vaporizer pens consist of a rechargeable battery and a refillable (or pre-filled) vape cartridge in the flavor of your choice. The battery heats up the vape juice into a vapor which is then easily inhaled.

Is a larger vape harsher than a smaller one?

Just because a vape is larger in size does not mean your hits will be harsh. It does, however, mean your vape will have a longer battery life and provide more puffs than our smaller options. Make sure the vape juice you choose is one you love as larger vapes tend to highlight the flavor notes.

Vape Cartridge Batteries 101

Named after their standard number of thread connections, the universally accepted 510 cartridge batteries are conveniently compatible with most of the rechargeable vapes we sell online for cannabis oils, concentrates, and other similar substances. Shop around and experiment with all the different types of lightweight, pocket-sized vapes we offer whether you’re into cannabis or nicotine.