Collection: Straight Tube Bongs

Unlock a superior smoking experience with straight tube bongs from Smoke King. Our curated collection features affordable prices, ensuring everyone can enjoy the benefits of these sleek designs. Enjoy the convenience of easy use and cleaning, along with the durability of our long-lasting bongs. With fast shipping and outstanding customer service, Smoke King is your ultimate destination for top-quality straight glass bongs.

Hitting It Straight Up

Amongst the variety of glass bongs for sale, a straight tube bong is a modern take on the classic beaker bongs. With their long, lean shape, straight glass bongs are known for delivering quick, powerful hits. This isn’t to say that other bongs don’t, it’s just that this style of bong has a smaller water chamber, which means that your hit won’t take as long to reach you since it doesn’t have to travel as far.


Are straight tube bongs easier to clean?

Straight bongs are easier to clean because of the design, but that’s not to say other bongs are impossible to clean. There are ample bong cleaners to help clean those hard to reach places. No matter the type of bong you own, keeping it clean will not only help your bong last for years to come, it will also let you savor the true essence of your herb.

Do I want a straight glass bong or a beaker bong?

While straight bongs are easier to clean there are a couple of other considerations when deciding between a straight bong and a traditional beaker bong. Obviously, your personal style and preference will play a big role. Beaker bongs also have a wider base than straight ones, which means that they will be less apt to topple when they get bumped.

A Clean Bong Is A Happy Bong

Whatever bong, pipe, dab rig, or nectar collector you select from our online smoke shop you’re going to want to keep it clean. Bong cleaners are designed to easily remove the sticky resin and other build-up that can gum up your piece and alter your experience. Smoke King is your one stop shop for new glass, as well as the tools you need to maintain the highest quality experience, hit after hit.