Collection: Dugouts & One Hitters

Dating back to the 1970s, dugouts and one hitters are tried and true options to have a smoke peacefully in public. Not only does the one hitter box fit perfectly in any average pocket, it also is simple enough to pack and re-pack without a problem. If you’re looking for portability and discretion, the dugout is the perfect option.

Perfect For Taking Herb On The Go

Whether you choose a wood or metal dugout, the boxes we offer in our online smoke shop are all easy to use. Just twist the one-hitter out of the compartment, take a quick hit, and then twist it back into the dugout storage compartment. It’s perfect for situations when you’re on the go. Because these are very compact, portable, and can easily fit in your pocket, the dugout is the ideal partner for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping.


What are the different styles of dugouts and one hitters?

The most common option features a simple wooden box with two compartments for storing herb and a one-hitter pipe. For an all-in-one dugout, we suggest purchasing one with a built-in grinder compartment. The more durable and long-lasting option is a metal dugout, typically made from aluminum and featuring a sleek, modern design.

Are dugouts with one-hitters smell-proof?

We cannot say that these are fully smell-proof dugouts, but the thick wood material does help mask some of the cannabis odor. If you are packing extremely potent herb, there is a chance that the smell may linger.

How do I clean dugouts and one hitters?

You will want to clear your one-hitter after each use. You can use the tool that comes with your dugout to remove your cashed herb, or you can blow through your pipe to clear it out. From time-to-time, you should also soak your one hitter in a cleaning solution to remove any resin that may clog your pipe.

Before You Check Out

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