Collection: Dugout One Hitter

It is a compact and discreet smoking accessory that allows you to enjoy your dry herb on the go with ease. As they are very portable and can easily fit in your pocket, they are your ideal partner for any outdoor activities such as hiking or camping.

Dugout with one hitter:

Using dugout with a one-hitter is incredibly simple - you just twist the one-hitter into the herb compartment, take a quick hit, and then twist it back into the storage compartment. There are different types of dugouts available but the most commonly used dugouts are:

1) Wood Dugout One Hitter-

These are the most classic and popular type, featuring a simple wooden box with two compartments for storing the herb and a one-hitter pipe.

2) One hitter dugout with grinder-

These have a built-in grinder compartment with a magnetic lid. This makes it a quick and easy way to get ready for your herb session, without having to carry multiple tools around with you.

3) Metal Dugout One Hitter -

Metal dugouts are a more durable and long-lasting option. They are typically made from aluminum and feature a sleek and modern design.

Some of the best one-hitter dugouts in our collection include:

a) Tsunami Dugout -

They come with a built-in grinder which makes them a unique option for those who want to carry everything they need for a smoking session in one convenient and compact package.

b) Ryot Dugout -

When looking for a robust, discreet smoking accessory, Ryot dugouts are a perfect option.

c) Grav Dugout -

The size of a Grav dugout is one of its distinct features. These are often lighter and smaller than other dugouts.