Collection: Ice Bongs

You probably felt the temperature drop the moment you landed on this page. The selection of ice bongs you’ll find here have the power to crank the temperature way down. Shop the best selection of ice catcher bongs sure to put the ultimate chill on the perfect hit.

Straight Chillin’

Your top-shelf herb should always be fire, but that doesn’t mean that top-shelf hit should burn. That’s why it’s always a good idea to cool things down with an ice bong. A little ice will do just the trick. Shop Smoke King’s online smoke shop for the chillest selection of glass bongs for sale.


How much ice should I use?

When it comes to ice catcher bongs, the chamber will determine how much ice you can use, but it mostly comes down to personal preference. Start with a few cubes and go from there. Remember, the colder the hit, the more you may cough, so just be chill when you add the chill.

What about adding fruit to your ice bong?

You can certainly add frozen fruit to the chamber of your bong. As it melts, it can kick up the flavor of the strain. Just keep in mind that you should clean your bong after each use — especially if you’re adding fruit. Fruit has sugars that can make your bong sticky, and it can cause mold to grow as well.

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