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We offer rolling trays to suit your lifestyle, whether you're looking for cute rolling trays, shatterproof trays, or a bluetooth speaker rolling tray. We carry a wide range of high-quality rolling trays at affordable prices. Whether you’re using your rolling tray for weed or sculpting the perfect spliff, you will need a clean area from beginning to end, which makes the rolling tray the foundation for every smoker.

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Featured Rolling Trays

Stand out from the crowd with our featured rolling trays collection handpicked by our crew. From Cookies and Benji to Raw, each design is available in limited edition numbers so get yours while stocks last!

Craft Rollers

All craft smokers all have their own unique style, so you may be in the market for a glow in the dark rolling tray, or maybe you’re looking for cool rolling trays. Whatever your preference, Smoke King is sure to have something that’s right for you. And just like you, we know that it is the functionality of a rolling tray that makes them an essential accessory for every smoker.

Why should you use a rolling tray?

Whether your rolling tray is for weed or for tobacco, rolling trays are a clean, designated work space for you to grind and pack your herb. You won’t have to worry about losing any of your grind or tarnishing that top-shelf bud. With a rolling tray, you can craft and blend your herb the way you want, so you can make every smoke your very best smoke.

How should you clean a rolling tray?

Before you clean your rolling tray, you will want to be sure to clear away and store any herb that may have been left behind. Once you do that, simply wash your tray with soap and water. If you find that there is sticky resin left behind, you can always use a cleaning solution to get things cleaned up.

Have a Look Around

While you’re here, have a look around. At Smoke King, we make it our goal to have the tools you need to create your very own signature smoke, which is why we stock both cool and cute rolling trays. Whether you’re looking for a rolling tray to grind weed, or are a craft vape smoker looking for a variety of vapes, we have all kinds of products in our online smoke shop that will help you outfit your craft smoke style.