Collection: Stash Jars

Stash Jars are must-have essentials for every stoner. Stash jars are mainly used to store cannabis and they keep it fresh and organized. So, it is important for every stoner to invest in a good stash jar. Our collection of stash jars comes in various shapes and sizes to match your style and needs which include smell-proof stash jars,

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Our best-selling stash jars include:


- Mushroom Stash Jar -

Our Mushroom stash jar is made from high-quality materials glass and is often decorated with colorful designs or artwork related to mushrooms. They may also feature humidity control packs or UV protection to help keep the mushrooms fresh and potent for longer.

- Air-Tight Glass Stash Jar -

They are made from high-quality glass that is durable and transparent, they come with airtight seals that keep air and moisture out, preserving the potency and flavor of the contents.

- Smell Proof Stash Jar-

Smell-Proof stash jar is an essential item for anyone who wants to store their items discreetly and maintain their quality for longer. They feature an airtight seal that keeps air and moisture out while preventing any odors from escaping.