Collection: Stash Jars

Stash jars are must-have essentials for every stoner but especially if you smoke flower. It’s true that a cool stash jar makes an eye-catching accessory, but weed stash containers are a highly functional necessity for keeping your cannabis fresh and clean. Here you’ll find jars and containers in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so you can match your style and safely and discreetly stash your herb.

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Stash Your Stash

Your stash is precious and there’s no better way to keep it fresh and clean than using a stash jar. Weed stash containers don’t just keep your weed fresh and clean, they seal nicely to keep the telltale scent of cannabis from permeating your room. Plus, if it gets knocked off your shelf, you can rest assured your stash will stay intact.

What should I look for in a weed storage jar?

Stash containers come in a variety of styles, so you can choose between incognito secret stash cans, vacuum jars, and stash bags. Once you know your style, you’ll want to consider how they seal, and the size that will best fit your storage space.

Is a weed stash container better than a regular storage container?

When you buy a container designed for stashing herb, you are getting more than just a cool stash jar. Cannabis jars offer better seals than regular storage containers. This not only assists with odor control, but also maintains an airtight environment which helps your herb last longer.

Rolling Essentials

When it comes to smoking cannabis, you will want to ensure your herb is not only stored properly, but also ground properly and rolled on a clean rolling tray. Smoke King’s online smoke shop has every accessory smokers need to roll up tight smokes, or pack the best bowls. Shop now and make your next smoke your best smoke.