Collection: Percolator Bongs

Here's the deal: glass percolator bongs are perfect for people who want a high without any harsh inhale. Each toke feels like cloud nine because of the unique and effective filtration system, which results in a smooth smoking experience. Each bong design offers something unique, so go ahead and find your new go-to piece.

Happy Inhales Without Harsh Smoke

What makes glass percolator bongs the bread-and-butter of smoking glassware? For starters, each has its own internal filtration system that acts as a diffuser, cooling down the smoke as you inhale it. Some cannabis users like this feature because it can alleviate some of the smoke’s harshness while others prefer percolators over traditional water pipes simply because of the quick and efficient buzz.


Are percolator bongs good for beginners?

Yes, we recommend perc bongs for all beginners and those who appreciate a more simple experience. All you need is a little water to activate the unique filtration system that gives you a cooled, smooth bong rip.

What if the bong I want is not in stock?

We do our best to keep our percolator bongs for sale fully stocked in our online inventory, but it is not always in our control. If you're looking for a specific product or smoking accessory and you don't see it on our site, keep checking back or contact us.

What sets each bong apart?

Each bong style has its own unique features. Our straight tube bongs have a sturdy and secure base whereas our beaker bongs tend to hold more smoke. Another popular type is honeycomb, or Swiss percs, that use a honeycomb-shaped disc filter for big, easy bong rips.

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Our online smoke shop is home to the finest products that range from affordable-for-all to top-shelf brand options. If you want to get the most out of every bowl you smoke, it's time to add a unique bong to your collection. We offer a variety of cool and creative bong styles for smokers of all experience levels. Explore all our glass bongs for sale from percolators to beaker bongs to cartoon-inspired designs, and lots more.