Collection: Cartoon Bongs

Welcome to the whimsical world of cartoon bongs who make their home in our online smoke shop. Immerse yourself in a playful collection of colorful themed bongs featuring beloved animated personalities such as Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, Marvel, and many more.

A Heady Take On Nostalgia 

Our curated collection of cartoon and anime bongs bring the magic of cartoons to life. All of our glass bongs for sale are created with meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials so each bong delivers a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. You’re sure to find the perfect bong that matches your style in our extensive selection of themed bongs. Elevate your smoke seshes with a touch of nostalgia and shop our collection today.

Are cartoon and anime bongs different from regular bongs?

Whether a bong is themed with your favorite cartoon character or simply an artistic demonstration of blown glass, they are all water pipes. The main difference between bongs is their shape and size. Whether you prefer a beaker bong, straight bong, or a mini bong you’re going to get a cool, smooth hit.

Is there special care for my cartoon bong?

In general, there is no difference between cleaning a themed bong or a standard bong. You will want to be sure to read any cleaning instructions that come with your bong, to ensure you do not damage the designs. Always be sure to use a high quality bong cleaner to keep your bong free of build up.

Get Personal

Whether you’re shopping for bongs, rigs, vapes, or rolling trays, Smoke King offers you a variety of products and styles to help you personalize your collection. Whether you're a passionate collector or a casual enthusiast, cartoon bongs are the ultimate piece to add your unique style to your collection. When you shop Smoke King, you’re sure to find a timeless piece to elevate your smoke sesh and add a touch of nostalgia.