Collection: Silicone Bongs

Durability is one of the silicone bongs' key advantages. Since they are nearly indestructible, they are ideal for outdoor use, travel, and other situations where glass bongs would be at risk of shattering.  With the right care, silicone bongs can endure accidental drops and impacts without suffering damage and can last for a very long time.

Silicone water bongs

They offer a smooth smoking experience, as the water cools and filters the smoke before it is inhaled. This can make smoking more enjoyable and less harsh on the throat and lungs.

Silicone Bongs For Sale :

1) Eyce Silicone Bong:

 The bong features a unique design that includes a removable silicone down stem, a borosilicate glass bowl, and a built-in ice catcher.

2) Ooze Silicone Bong:

The Ooze Silicone Bong combines the functions of a bong, hand pipe, dab rig, dab straw, and vape pen adapter in one slick piece.