Collection: Silicone Bongs

Don't worry, stay happy; silicone water bongs are here to give you a better grip on your next smoking session. It's the same smooth power of a bong made with convenient, travel-friendly silicone. Perfect for withstanding the bumps and accidents of daily life, Smoke King silicone bongs for sale provide durability you can trust.

Simply The Strongest Bongs

Durability is the key advantage of these silicone pieces you find on our online smoke shop. Since it is nearly indestructible, a silicone water bong is ideal for outdoor use, travel, and other situations where a glass piece would be at risk of shattering. With the right care, bongs made from silicone can endure accidental drops and impacts without suffering damage. This means your new favorite bong will last a very long time.


What is the difference between a silicone bong and a silicone dab rig?

Bongs are made to smoke cannabis flower while a dab rig is used to smoke cannabis concentrate. While you still need a torch to vaporize your concentrate, these silicone options are much easier to take on the go than ones made of glass.

Are silicone bongs safe to use?

Yes, silicone water bongs are safe to use and make a great alternative to glass. They are made of non-toxic silicone material, typically food or medical-safe, and can withstand high temperatures without releasing harmful fumes. Hand wash your silicone piece to maximize its lifespan.

Great Glass In Stock

Simply put, you deserve a new bong. Smoke King has a huge selection of glass bongs for sale that get the job done without leaving you with a sore throat. Big, little, simple, intricate – there's a glass bong for everyone. Each hit is smoother than the last, so you can end your smoke session on a high note.