Collection: Juice Box Bongs

If you prefer something petite and portable so you can have a puff with you everywhere you go, our popular juice box bongs are perfect for you. Small, juice box shaped and uniquely designed with your favorite animated character; you’re guaranteed to awaken that child-like wonder and joy with every session.

Same Method, Better Convenience 

These glass juice box bongs are growing in popularity and for good reason! These are smaller versions of the other bongs that we have for sale in our online smoke shop — just in a nostalgic shape. The same usage principles apply; simply fill up the bong with water, fill the bowl, light it up and you're ready to go. These bongs are made of thick borosilicate glass which won’t break or crack under hot conditions. So you can blaze with no worry


Are small bongs better to use than traditional larger bongs?

Small bongs are more convenient for travelers and those who prefer a discreet bong on a night out. Some users prefer using mini bongs because they find them much easier to use than larger ones. So the question as to which bong is better to use, largely depends on how and where you smoke.

Do mini/small bongs get you higher?

Some users claim smaller bongs, like juice box bongs, gives them an increased high, however no evidence backs this up. The bigger traditional bongs tend to produce more smoke, thus some say these get you higher. Many other factors besides size determine the potency of a session such as glass cleanliness, cannabis quality and unique biological factors.

The Perfect Size

At Smoke King, we have a huge variety of glass bongs for sale with different sizes depending on your needs. Our collection of smaller bongs for sale are perfect for those looking to bring their piece on the go. Whether you’re headed to a friend’s house for a chill night in or stopping by a party for a fun night, these bongs easily fit in your bag.