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Vessel Compass

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Discover the Compass by Vessel – the ultimate cartridge battery designed for an exceptional vaping experience. With its long-lasting battery life, sleek design, and compact size, this sophisticated device elevates your vaping sessions. Compatible with most 510 cartridges, the Compass ensures versatility without compromising on style. Embrace the power, elegance, and portability of the Compass by Vessel and take your vaping to new heights. 

1) Variable Voltage Settings (2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v, 3.6v)
2) Fits most 510 thread cartridges
3) Smart Power Settings (Battery life indicator, auto shutoff, overuse protection)
4) USB-C charging port
5) 550 mAh battery
6) 6-Months limited warranty
7) Cartridge not included

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BEST IN DESIGN - Feels like a Porsche in my hand

The remarkable Compass by Vessel. This latest design surpasses all expectations, encapsulating everything you adore about Vessel while presenting it in an ultra-compact and ergonomically flawless package. Don't be deceived by its simplicity, for this device has been meticulously crafted from top to bottom to provide an unrivaled vaping encounter. Prepare to embark on the ultimate journey of satisfaction with the Compass.

Package Includes

- 1 x Compass Vessel Battery
- 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
* Use only 5V Charger

Safety Warnings

- Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures

- Do not charge your battery through a car

- Do not overcharge or charge unattended

- Do not use the device while charging

- Do not disassemble the device or change the battery