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 The next bong you pass should be a cool one. Smoke King has the coolest bongs in all different shapes and sizes, each with its own unique design. When you’re ready to buy, we can ship it discreetly that same day. Check out all of the affordable glass bongs for sale on our shelves.

Coolest Bongs

Let your imagination run wild. There are so many funky, out-of-the-box types of bongs to buy online on Smoke King. Check out our entire collection of glass bongs for sale that will make your next smoke session one to remember. 

Beaker Bongs

Slow and steady wins the race; that's why the wide, steady base of beaker bongs makes each toke feel smoother and more powerful than the one before. We recommend beakers to anyone interested in adding ice to the bong before smoking for a chilled experience. 

Percolator Bongs

These are some of our coolest, user-friendly bongs available for sale. The clean, straight-forward smoking experience is made possible because of the fun-yet-functional filtration system that diffuses the smoke. This makes percolator bongs worthwhile for beginners and regular smokers alike. 

Silicone Bongs

Buy these bongs online when you're seeking something that can withstand travel, outdoor use, and other situations where glass could be at risk of shattering. Durability is one of the key advantages of our silicone bongs. With the right care, they can endure a long time.

Juice Box Bongs

Our juice box bongs are the perfect smoking vessel when you want something petite and portable. Each of the popular glass juice box bongs for sale is uniquely designed with your favorite animated television show characters, so you always know you're smoking with the best.  

Mini Bongs

We took the designs from our favorite bongs and turned them mini. Meet our collection of mini bongs for the perfect hits when you're on the go. These compact bongs are great for traveling or enjoying at home. Convenience is always king when you shop with Smoke King.


What kind of bong should I buy?

You really can't go wrong. Each type of the coolest bongs we have for sale has its own perks; silicone bongs are notoriously durable, beaker bongs offer hearty, smooth rips, percolators are especially nice if you like to add ice to your bong, etc.

How do I clean my bong?

High percentage Isopropyl alcohol and sea salt are really all you need. Pour a good amount of the two into your piece, shake for a few minutes, rinse, and repeat. The key is to always remember to pour out the bong water after a smoke session and routinely clean your bong once a week or every other week.

What’s the difference between big and mini bongs?

Next time you're buying one of our coolest bongs online, remember that a larger bong will have a long neck that utilizes more air flow, therefore giving you a dense, powerful hit. The intensity draws a lot of experienced smokers or people looking to round out their bong collection. The smaller glass bongs we have for sale require less lung capacity, making them more appealing to beginners or people looking for quick, easy rips.

Can I travel with my bong?

It's wise to research local regulations before traveling with your bong, as laws vary by state. While some states permit clean bongs for tobacco use, others may have stricter rules, particularly concerning cannabis-related paraphernalia. Stay informed to ensure compliance with the legislation in your area.

How often should I change the water in my bong?

To maintain optimal performance and flavor, it's best to change the water in your bong after each use or at least daily. Fresh water ensures a clean and enjoyable smoking experience, minimizing the risk of unpleasant tastes or odors. Keeping your bong clean contributes to its longevity and your overall satisfaction, especially if you've invested in one of the coolest bongs available.

What accessories do I need for my bong?

For your bong, consider accessories like a grinder, cleaning supplies, replacement parts, and storage containers. These essentials enhance your smoking experience and help maintain your bong’s longevity.

Bongs And More Discreetly At Your Door

One of the best parts about shopping with Smoke King is our 100% discreet shipping guarantee. Everything you purchase from our online smoke shop is entirely your business. Choose a fancy or funky new bong and have peace of mind knowing it's arriving in an unassuming package. Make today the day you treat yourself or someone else with one of the coolest bongs worth sharing in a circle.