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Voopoo Doric 60

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Experience the perfect fusion of style and performance with the Voopoo Doric 60 Vape. Designed to elevate your vaping experience, this exceptional device boasts an array of features like long battery life, minimalistic design, and exquisite portability, Customize your taste with easy slide adjustments, and Experience rich flavor and vapor with the PnP VM5 and VM1 Mesh Coils that are sure to impress even the most discerning vapers.


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Infinity Airflow

Puff and button activation

Wattage Adjustable settings

1 PNP pod (4.5ml) Included

PnP-VM5 (0.2ohm), Pnp-VM1(0.3ohm) Included

Size: 25.6*113.5mm

Max Power: 60W

Capacity: 4.5ml/2.0ml

Other optional POD: PnP MTL pod, PnP RTA Pod, Pnp Pod

How To Use Voopoo Doric 60:

Step 1. Install coil

-Take out the coil, and Insert the coil from the bottom of the pod.

Step 2.Fill e-liquid

-Pull out the silica gel plug according to the instructions, then refill e-liquid from oil-filling slots. It is recommended to keep two thirds full.

Step 3.Install the atomizer

-Insert the atomizer with e-liquid into the mod.

Step 4.Start to use the device

-After keeping it stand for about five minutes, you are free to use the device. You can adjust the airflow in order to enjoy optimal vaping experience.

Step 5. Power on/off

-Short press on fire button five times.

Step 6. Power Adjustment

-Quickly press the “ignition key” 3 times within 1.5s to enter the power adjustment mode (At this time, the indicator light will always be on), then click the “ignition key” to switch power. After waiting for 3s, the device confirms the power and exits the adjustment mode (At this time, the indicator light goes out).

-High -- White Mid -- Green Low -- Blue