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Starry- XVape

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The XVape Starry Dry Herb Vaporizer embodies excellence with its portable design, precise temperature control, and hybrid heating technology. This sleek device delivers flavorful, even vapor and offers a user-friendly experience for beginners and seasoned vapers alike. It has a long-lasting battery and pocket-friendly size, which makes the Starry Vaporizer is your go-to companion for on-the-go vaping, promising a perfect balance of convenience and performance.

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OLED Screen with By-Degree Settings

Ingenious Oval Conduction Oven

Zirconia Magnetic Ceramic Mouthpiece

Ceramic Baking Chamber

Temperature Range (212°F – 464°F)

Haptic Technology

18650 Replaceable Battery

Dual Cycle Times

How To Use The Starry by XVape:

1. Before your inaugural vape session, make sure your Starry is fully charged. Connect the USB charging cable to the device and a USB power source. While charging, the LED screen will display a battery icon. Once fully charged, it's time to vape!

2. The Starry features a ceramic heating chamber that's perfect for your dry herbs. To load it, remove the mouthpiece and use the packing tool to gently fill the chamber with your finely ground herbs. Don't pack it too tightly; a loose fill works best.

3. Turn on the Starry by pressing the power button five times quickly. The vibrant LED screen will light up and display the current temperature. Excitement builds!

4. The Starry lets you customize your vaping experience with adjustable temperature settings. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to choose your desired temperature. Different temperatures unlock various flavors and effects, so feel free to experiment.

5. Give your Starry a moment to reach the selected temperature. The LED screen will indicate when it's ready to roll. This usually takes around 20-30 seconds. Patience, young grasshopper.

6. With your Starry at the perfect temperature, take slow, deliberate draws from the mouthpiece. Savor the rich, aromatic vapor produced by your herbs. This is where the magic happens!

7. The Starry has additional features like a built-in session timer and a haptic feedback system. Experiment with these settings to enhance your vaping experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After each session, empty the ashes and clean the chamber to prevent buildup. To maintain high-quality performance, regularly clean the heating chamber and mouthpiece. Use a cleaning brush or cotton swab that's damp with isopropyl alcohol to remove residue.

Charging and Storage

When the battery runs low, recharge the device using the provided USB cable. When storing it, ensure the device is turned off and cleaned to avoid issues or damage.

Remember to always use the dry herb vapes responsibly and refer to the user manual for specific information and troubleshooting tips.