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Space King

Space King Dry-Herb Kit

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Get ready for a cosmic upgrade to your herbal ritual with the Space King Kit. This interstellar pack comes loaded with everything you need to embark on a smooth, interstellar voyage without leaving your couch.

Gear Up for Takeoff:

    • Space King Smell Proof Bag: Keep your dank adventures discreet with this stealthy, odor-blocking fortress. No nose will dare trespass its galactic shield.

    • Space King Glass Pipe: Experience your herbs in interstellar luxury with this handcrafted glass pipe. Each hit feels like floating through nebulae of flavor.

  • Acrylic Grinder: Pulverize your precious cargo with effortless ease using this sturdy, one-piece grinder. It's built to withstand even the mightiest meteor showers of bud.

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