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Sandwave CCELL

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Discover a vaping journey like no other with Sandwave, the cutting-edge vape battery that takes your enjoyment to new heights. Designed with your satisfaction in mind, Sandwave boasts three temperature settings, unmatched performance, and a seamless, comfortable grip, making it the ideal choice for all vaping enthusiasts.

Experience vaping bliss with Sandwave's carefully crafted design. The stimulating silicone wave grip ensures a comfortable, non-slip hold, enhancing every inhale. Its discreet, compact body effortlessly fits in your hand, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious and satisfying vaping experience on the go.


- 3 Voltage Settings
- Inhale Activated 


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Safety Warnings

- Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures

- Do not charge your battery through a car

- Do not overcharge or charge unattended

- Do not use the device while charging

- Do not disassemble the device or change the battery