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Puffco Peak Pro

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Introducing the Puffco Peak Pro, the pinnacle of concentrate consumption that elevates your experience to a whole new level. This cutting-edge device unleashes the full potential of your concentrates, delivering an unparalleled blend of flavor, potency, and overall enjoyment with every use.

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Advanced Features for Precise Control

Equipped with a range of impressive features, the Peak Pro is designed to cater to your every need. Connect seamlessly with the Bluetooth app for precise control over your sessions, ensuring you get the perfect temperature and consistency.

The large sealed ceramic chamber ensures your concentrates are treated with the utmost care, while customizable LED lights add a personal touch to your experience. With double water capacity, auto-sleep functionality, and four pre-programmed heat settings (with more available through the app), the Peak Pro offers a truly customized experience.

Specifications :

Bluetooth App Connectivity

Wireless Qi Charging

USB-C Connection

Real-Time Temp. Control

Large sealed ceramic chamber

Customizable LED Lights

Double Water Capacity

Auto-Sleep Function

4 pre-programmed heat settings. (More available through the app)

2-hour fast charge time

30-session average battery life

30-second heat up time

Carrying Case Included

Box Includes: