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Proxy 3D Chamber

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Introducing the Puffco Proxy 3D Chamber Accessory for your proxy where innovation meets flavor. Brace yourself for a game-changing experience with this revolutionary ceramic bowl. Why is it such a big deal? Well, let's dive in.


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Unleash the Power of Patented Technology:

The 3D Chamber isn't your average accessory. It's equipped with patented technology designed to preserve the essence of your favorite concentrates. How? By strategically heating the sides of the chamber, not the bottom. This means your terpenes and cannabinoids are treated with the utmost care, delivering an unparalleled flavor profile.

Bigger Hits, Better Taste:

Say goodbye to the days of sacrificing taste for clouds. The 3D Chamber ensures that as you inhale, heating traces delicately vaporize your extract along the chamber's sides. The result? Bigger, better-tasting hits that redefine your expectations of concentrate consumption.

Innovation Meets Design:

Crafted with precision and a touch of Puffco magic, the 3D Chamber seamlessly integrates into your Proxy setup. It's not just an accessory; it's a statement. Elevate your sessions with a chamber that not only performs at the highest level but looks darn good doing it.

Experience the Future of Concentrates:

Ready to embark on a flavor journey like never before? The Puffco Proxy 3D Chamber is your ticket. Unleash the full potential of your concentrates, savor the nuances of each strain, and redefine your concentrate experience.