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NEU Puff Discreet Battery

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Designed for those who value both discretion and performance, the NEU Covert Puff discreet battery effortlessly balances sleek aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality. Its leather grip edition exudes sophistication, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious hold every time you indulge. 

This exceptional battery seamlessly accommodates both 1gm and 2gm oil cartridges, offering you the versatility you crave. Equipped with variable voltage settings and a pre-heat feature, the NEU Covert Puff battery guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted vaping
experience, preventing any frustrating clogs that might dampen your enjoyment.

Powered by a robust 320mAh rechargeable battery, this discreet powerhouse ensures your vaping pleasure lasts longer.

- Fits most 510 threaded carts
- 320mAh rechargeable battery with USB-C
- Variable voltage 3V-3.8V
- Pre-heat function to help prevent clogs


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Discreet Battery With Luxury Leather Grip

Elevate your vaping journey with the NEU Covert Puff. Embrace a device that not only delivers exceptional performance but also complements your lifestyle effortlessly. Indulge in discreet luxury – choose NEU Covert Puff today.


Package Includes :

1 X Neu Covert Puff Battery

Safety Warnings

- Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures

- Do not charge your battery through a car

- Do not overcharge or charge unattended

- Do not use the device while charging

- Do not disassemble the device or change the battery