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G Pen Pro

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The G Pen Pro by Grenco Science is a sleek, durable, and compact dry herb vaporizer. It has a ceramic oven that can hold about 0.25 grams of ground-up herbs of your choice. The silicone mouthpiece makes the draws much more comfortable and smoother. With three temperature settings to choose from, you have the flexibility to control your vape session.

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Grenco Science G Pen Pro Vaporizer Kit Features:

Dimensions - 111.5mm by 31mm by 26mm

Integrated 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery

3 Temperature Settings - 375°F, 400°F, 428°F

Stainless Steel Heating Oven - Conduction

0.25g Ceramic Heating Chamber Capacity

Snap-On Silicone Mouthpiece

Intuitive Firing Button

LED Battery Life Indicator Light

AutoShut Off Timer

How To Use G Pen Pro:

1. Fully charge the G Pen Pro vaporizer right out of the box. As battery life wanes, that number of lights will decrease. When you’re down to one light, the G Pen Pro is about to die.

2. With the G Pen Pro, you want a finer grind. To open the G Pen Pro chamber, pop off the mouthpiece by pinching it and pulling upwards and slightly to the side. Now you’ll see the ceramic chamber. It’s white with air-holes on the bottom through which the convection system sends hot air to vaporize your herbs. Load ‘em up all the way--really fill the chamber--then make sure to tamp it down using the included loading tool.

3. When you’re done loading the G Pen Pro, make sure to reattach the mouthpiece in the right direction, with the air-hole facing the opposite direction from the control button.

4. Power on by clicking the button 5 times. All four LED lights will light up and start flashing on and off. To toggle through the three heat settings, hold the power button down for a few seconds. The LED lights will slowly change from blue to green to red as you hold the button down, with each color indicating one of the heat settings. When you release the button, the G Pen Pro will begin heating at whatever temp color you saw when you let go: Blue - 375F, Green - 400F, Red - 428F. The unit will heat in a solid 30 seconds. You’ll know it’s done when the lights stop flashing and just stay lit up.

5. Enjoy the G Pen! Inhale and that's it!

Cleaning and Maintenance

After each session, empty the ashes and clean the chamber to prevent buildup. To maintain high-quality performance, regularly clean the heating chamber and mouthpiece. Use a cleaning brush or cotton swab that's damp with isopropyl alcohol to remove residue.

Charging and Storage

When the battery runs low, recharge the device using the provided USB cable. When storing it, ensure the device is turned off and cleaned to avoid issues or damage.

Remember to always use the dry herb vapes responsibly and refer to the user manual for specific information and troubleshooting tips.