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Smok Mag P3 Kit

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Meet the Smok Mag P3 Kit, a vaping powerhouse that demands attention with its unbeatable "triple threat" feature. This device is not just your ordinary vape – it's a rugged companion ready for any adventure. Picture this: it's dustproof, so your vaping experience stays pristine; shockproof, because life happens, and it's ready for the unexpected; and to top it off, it's waterproof, making it the ultimate choice for those who crave durability in every puff. Don't just settle for a vape; embrace the Smok Mag P3 and dive into a world where resilience meets style, making every vape an adventure you won't want to miss.


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Weight: 251.5g

Smart IQ-S Chipset

Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery - Not Included

Wattage Output Range: 1-230W

Precision Memory Modes

Input Keyboard - Password Protection Option

IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof Design

Oversized Firing Switch - Trigger-Like Design

Bottom-Loaded Hinged Battery Door

Balance Charging

Intelligent Atomizer Recognition

Battery Series Connection

MicroUSB Port - 1.8A Charging Current

How To Use Smok Mag P3 Kit:

Step 1: Unboxing and Components Check

-Carefully unbox the Smok Mag P3 Kit, ensuring all components are present, including the mod, tank, spare parts, and user manual.

Step 2: Understanding the Mod

-Familiarize yourself with the mod's components: the fire key, OLED screen, adjustment buttons, and the hinged battery compartment at the base.

Step 3: Inserting External Batteries

-Open the hinged battery compartment by pressing the button on the bottom.

-Insert two 18650 external batteries, ensuring correct polarity.

-Close the battery compartment securely. The magnetic latch ensures a tight fit.

Step 4: Powering On/Off the Device

-Press the fire key five times rapidly to power on the device.

-To power off, repeat the five-click sequence.

Step 5: Navigating the Menu System

-Use the adjustment buttons to navigate the menu system displayed on the OLED screen.

-Explore settings such as wattage, temperature control, and mode selection.

Step 6: Priming the Coil and Filling the Tank

-Unscrew the tank from the mod.

-Prime the coil by applying a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil's exposed cotton.

-Fill the tank through the top-fill port, avoiding the central airflow tube.

-Reattach the tank to the mod.

Step 7: Intelligent Atomizer Recognition

-Upon attaching a new tank or coil, the device will prompt "New Coil?" on the screen.

-Confirm the prompt to enable Intelligent Atomizer Recognition, allowing the mod to adjust settings based on the coil's resistance.

Step 8: Adjusting Wattage and Settings

-Use the adjustment buttons to fine-tune wattage and other settings.

-Refer to the user manual for specific details on different modes and features.

Step 9: Vaping

-Press and hold the fire key while inhaling through the tank's mouthpiece.

Step 10: Charging and Firmware Updates

-Connect the mod to a power source using the provided USB cable for charging.

-Check the Smok website for firmware updates, following their instructions for installation.

Step 11: Safety and Maintenance

-Familiarize yourself with safety features, such as short-circuit protection and battery safety.

-Regularly clean the tank and mod for optimal performance.

-By following these in-depth steps, you can confidently navigate and enjoy the advanced features of the Smok Mag P3 Kit, ensuring a satisfying and safe vaping experience.