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Geekvape L200

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The Geekvape L200 is a recent sensation in the vaping world, embodying a sexy and charming style that reflects the brand's commitment to quality. With its sleek design and innovative features, this vape is not just eye-catching but promises a delightful vaping experience. Geekvape's legacy of superior craftsmanship shines through, making the L200 an endearing companion for vapers who seek both style and substance in their devices.


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Dimensions - 140.05mm by 54.12mm by 29mm

Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries - Not Included

Wattage Output Range: 5-200W

IP68 Rating

Intuitive Firing Button

1.08" TFT Color Display

Two Adjustment Buttons

Bottom Hinged Battery Door

"A-Lock" Firing Safety System

How To Use Geekvape L200:

Step 1: Unboxing and Components Check

-Unbox the Geekvape L200, ensuring all components are present, including the mod, tank, spare parts, USB cable, and user manual.

Step 2: Understanding the Mod

-Familiarize yourself with the mod's components, including the Aegis Tri-proof Technology, bottom hinged battery door, fire key, display, adjustment buttons, and USB port.

Step 3: Inserting Batteries

-Open the bottom hinged battery door by sliding it outward.

-Insert two high-amp 18650 batteries, ensuring proper polarity.

-Close the battery door securely.

Step 4: Powering On/Off the Device

-Press the fire key five times rapidly to power on the device.

-To power off, repeat the five-click sequence.

Step 5: A-Lock Firing Safety System

-Activate the "A-lock" by pressing the fire key three times.

-The screen will display "A-Lock On," preventing accidental firing.

-To unlock, press the fire key three times again.

Step 6: Navigating the Menu System

-Use the adjustment buttons to navigate the comprehensive menu system displayed on the bright and clear OLED screen.

-Explore settings, modes, and features such as wattage, temperature control, and puff counter.

Step 7: Adjusting Wattage and Settings

-Fine-tune wattage and other settings using the adjustment buttons.

-Utilize features like Smart, Power, and Bypass modes for a customized experience.

Step 8: Understanding the Display

-The OLED screen provides real-time information on battery life, wattage, coil resistance, voltage, and puff duration.

-Interpret icons for battery status, coil resistance, and mode indicators.

Step 9: Installing and Priming the Coil

-Unscrew the tank from the mod.

-Prime the coil by applying e-liquid directly onto the coil's exposed cotton.

-Install the coil into the tank and fill the tank with e-liquid.

-Reattach the tank to the mod.

Step 10: Vaping

-Press and hold the fire key while inhaling through the tank's mouthpiece.

Step 11: Charging and Firmware Updates

-Connect the mod to a power source using the provided USB cable for charging.

-Check the Geekvape website for firmware updates and follow their instructions for installation.

Step 12: Safety and Maintenance

-Familiarize yourself with safety features, such as the Aegis Tri-proof Technology.

-Regularly clean the tank, mod, and contacts for optimal performance.

-This detailed guide ensures a comprehensive understanding of the Geekvape L200, covering features like the bottom hinged battery door, "A-lock" firing safety system, and navigating the advanced menu system for a tailored vaping experience.