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The kind pen

Deezy- Kindpen

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Deezy by Kingpen is your turbocharged ticket to vaping excitement! With an 1100mAh battery, it's like the supercharged engine of vaping devices, ensuring non-stop thrills. Say goodbye to impurities – the isolated airflow is like the high-tech filtration system for the cleanest, purest vapor, like cruising through the freshest mountain air. And that OLED display? It's the control center, like the dashboard of a futuristic spaceship, making the vape adventure smooth and effortless. With a single button, it's like shifting gears on a high-speed racecar – easy, exhilarating, and ready for action. Deezy isn't just a vaporizer; it's the thrill ride you've been waiting for. Buckle up and let the excitement begin!


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    Full Specification:

    1100mAh battery capacity for more reliable use

    Haptic feedback feature (the device vibrates when ready)

    0.3-gram chamber

    Isolated airflow

    30-second heat-up time (ready to use)

    Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings

    Full Temperature Range from 302 to 437

    Single-button operation

    How To Use The Deezy by Kindpen

    1. Charge the device for two hours before first use.

    2. Click the power button located towards the top of the vape five times quickly to turn the device on. The device will vibrate to indicate that it is being turned on and off.

    3. Pull the heating chamber off and load the heating chamber with ground herb. Replace the magnetic heating chamber back onto the device.

    4. Adjust the heat settings to desired temperature by clicking the +/- buttons towards the bottom of the vape.

    5. After adjusting the heat setting, hold the power button down for 2 seconds to have the Deezy start to heat up. The device will vibrate to indicate that it's beginning to heat.

    6. After 30 seconds, the device will vibrate indicating that it is ready to use! The device will automatically shut off after 5 minutes of inactivity. Or shut it down manually by pressing the power button 5 times quickly.

    Cleaning and Maintenence:

    After each session, empty the ashes and clean the chamber to prevent buildup. To maintain high-quality performance, regularly clean the heating chamber and mouthpiece. Use a cleaning brush or cotton swab that's damp with isopropyl alcohol to remove residue.

    Charging and Storage

    When the battery runs low, recharge the device using the provided USB cable. When storing it, ensure the device is turned off and cleaned to avoid issues or damage.

    Remember to always use the dry herb vapes responsibly and refer to the user manual for specific information and troubleshooting tips.