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Dash- Gpen

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Experience the thrill of conduction heating, delivering consistent and flavorful vapor every time you take a draw. The glass-glazed stainless steel chamber ensures your herbs' purity and longevity, making this vaporizer a true investment. But that's not all – the G Pen Dash goes above and beyond with haptic feedback, providing you with intuitive control and notifications. Plus, its single-button operation makes it incredibly user-friendly, perfect for both beginners and experienced vapers. Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Elevate your vaping experience to new heights with the G Pen Dash. It's not just a vaporizer; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Get yours today and join the future of vaping!

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3 Temperature Settings

Conduction Heating

Glass Glazed Stainless Steel Chamber

Haptic Feedback

Single Button Operation

950mah Battery

Magnetic Mouthpiece

How To Use Dash G Pen:

1. Register S/N (found at the bottom of packaging device at

2. Fully charge the battery. A blinking LED indicates that the device is charging. When the LED is a solid color, the device is fully charged.

3. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece and load ground herb into ceramic heating chamber. Replace the mouthpiece onto device.

4. Click the button 5 times rapidly to turn on/off the device. Heating will automatically begin once the device is turned on.

5. Click the button 3 times while the device is on to cycle through three heat settings. Blue light=375°F/190°C, Green light=401°F/205°C, Red light=428°F/220°C.

6. Device will vibrate once it has reached the desired temperature. It's ready to use! No button pressing, just inhale and enjoy!

Cleaning and Maintenance

After each session, empty the ashes and clean the chamber to prevent buildup. To maintain high-quality performance, regularly clean the heating chamber and mouthpiece. Use a cleaning brush or cotton swab that's damp with isopropyl alcohol to remove residue.

Charging and Storage

When the battery runs low, recharge the device using the provided USB cable. When storing it, ensure the device is turned off and cleaned to avoid issues or damage.

Remember to always use the dry herb vapes responsibly and refer to the user manual for specific information and troubleshooting tips.