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Caliburn G2 Pod System

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The Caliburn G2 Pod System redefines the art of discreet vaping with its compact and slender design, making it the perfect companion for those who value both style and subtlety. This small and thin marvel delivers not only on portability but also on performance. The side-fill system ensures a hassle-free experience, while the single fire button simplifies operation without sacrificing customization. The sleek profile houses a powerful battery, offering enduring sessions in a device that effortlessly slips into pockets or purses. With the Caliburn G2, discretion meets sophistication, inviting users into a world where style and performance seamlessly intertwine, promising a vaping experience that's as discreet as it is delightful.

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Magnetic Refillable Pod/Cartridge System

Built-in Battery Capacity: 750mAh

Maximum Wattage: 18W

E-Liquid Capacity: 2.0ml

Manual or Automatic Draw Activation

Simple One-Button Design

LED Indicator Light

Adjustable Airflow Control System (Integrated in the

Caliburn G2 Cartridge)

How To Use Caliburn G2 Pod System:

Step 1: Power On/Off

-To power on the Caliburn G2, press the fire button five times rapidly.

-To power off the device, repeat the same five-click sequence.

Step 2: Filling the Pod

-Remove the pod from the device.

-Identify the side-fill port on the pod.

-Open the silicone plug to access the fill port.

-Fill the pod with your preferred e-liquid, ensuring not to overfill.

-Close the silicone plug securely to prevent leaks.

Step 3: Pod Installation

-Align the contacts on the bottom of the pod with the corresponding connectors in the device.

-Press the pod firmly into place until it clicks securely.

Step 4: Vaping

-Press and hold the fire button while inhaling through the mouthpiece.

-Release the button when you finish inhaling.

Step 5: Checking Battery Life

-The LED light at the bottom of the device indicates the battery percentage.

-Different colors represent various battery levels, consult the user manual for specific indications.

Step 6: Charging the Device

-Connect the provided USB cable to the charging port on the Caliburn G2.

-Connect the other end of the cable to a power source for charging.

Step 7: Safety and Maintenance

-Store the device away from extreme conditions and moisture.

-Clean the pod and device regularly to maintain optimal performance.

-If you encounter any issues, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer's customer support.

-By following these steps, you can easily use the Caliburn G2 Pod System, enjoying a customizable and satisfying vaping experience with the convenience of a side-fill system and a single-button operation.