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Smoke King

11" Inch Pink Donut Bong

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Turn Heads with Donuts Design
Why settle for a plain Jane bong when you can rock a deliciously stylish one? Our bong's donuts design adds a dash of personality to your smoke sessions. It's a conversation starter that'll leave your buddies craving both the hits and the aesthetics.

Tired of harsh, throat-burning hits? Our bong comes equipped with an ice catcher. Pop some cubes in, and voila! Your hits become as smooth as silk. No more discomfort, just pure smoking pleasure. Packing your favorite herbs has never been easier. The 14mm joint bowl piece fits snugly, ensuring you get the perfect toke every time. No hassle, just clean, powerful hits.

- 11-inch pink glass bong
- Donuts design on the bong
- Ice catcher
- 14mm joint bowl piece

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