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10" Stoner Mom Straight Bong w/ Honeycomb Perc

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Are you in search of the perfect smoking companion that combines style, functionality, and a touch of humor? Look no further! Our 10-inch straight bong is a true masterpiece, marrying artistry with an exceptional smoking experience.
Introducing the "Stoner Mom Quirky Art" 10-Inch Straight Bong with Ice Catcher and Honeycomb Percolator!

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Key Features:

Sleek and Sturdy Design: Crafted with precision, this bong boasts a sleek and durable build that ensures it stands the test of time.

Ice Catcher: Take your smoking sessions to the next level by adding ice cubes to the built-in ice catcher. Experience smooth and refreshing hits every time.

Honeycomb Percolator: The honeycomb percolator, located in the lower chamber, guarantees optimal smoke diffusion. Enjoy cool, filtered, and exceptionally smooth inhales.

Quirky Artistry: What sets our bong apart is its unique "Stoner Mom Quirky Art" design. Let the whimsical and artistic graphics add a touch of personality to your smoke sessions.