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How To Clean A Glass Bong

Every bong user knows the key to a potent, flavorful sesh is not only quality cannabis, but also a clean bong. Knowing how to clean a bong properly, whether it be glass, silicone, or plastic, is imperative so you avoid possible bacteria or mold build up.

When a bong hasn’t been cleaned properly, you may be putting yourself at risk for developing health issues — plus, you’d be known as the person with the dirty bong. Our guide will save you from that embarrassment and ensure that cleaning a glass bong is a breeze.

How Often Should You Clean A Glass Bong

The key to having a clean glass bong is always ensuring that you replace your bong water after each smoking session. Water that sits in your bong can breed bacteria and fungi in as little as 24 hours. Learning how to clean your glass bong will be easier if you get in the habit of regularly replacing the water.

What you need to clean a glass bong:

  • A few tablespoons of rice
  • Coarse salt and/or normal salt
  • Vinegar, alcohol or lemon juice (an acidic liquid for your cleaning solution)
  • Baking soda
  • Isopropyl alcohol 
  • Sealable plastic bag or container with a lid

How To Properly Clean A Glass Bong

Step 1: Empty the water from your last smoking session

Cleaning a glass bong with the tainted water from your last session defeats the whole purpose. Empty the water while trying not to get the dirty water on your skin — you can wear dish gloves for extra protection.

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Step 2: Carefully take apart the bong

Take extra care when you take your bong apart to avoid breaking the pieces. Glass bongs come in different varieties and sizes from mini bongs to traditional beaker bongs so your bong pieces will depend on the type of bong you have. The size of a bong also determines how long it will take to clean it.

For this guide, we’re using a traditional glass bong with a bowl, stem and mouthpiece — all bongs should have these basic pieces.

Step 3: Separate each piece

To avoid breaking the glass bong pieces, put each piece in a separate sealable plastic bag or container. If you opt to use a container, make sure it has a lid and is able to close securely.

Step 4: Add the cleaning solution

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The most critical part of learning how to clean a glass bong is making sure you have a proper cleaning solution. You can make an effective solution using items in your cupboard or opt for a specifically designed bong cleaner.

To make your own cleaner:

  • You need a liquid cleaner such as isopropyl alcohol, white vinegar, or lemon juice.
  • You need an abrasive cleaner such as coarse salt or rock salt.

Pour your chosen liquid cleaner into each bag or container and make sure it's enough to have the bong pieces submerged.

Step 5: Add salt

Now this is what you may call the “cheat code” to getting your bong extra spotless. When cleaning a glass bong, it’s important to focus on the main part of the bong, where the water is stored. Adding salt here will aid in scrubbing off the residue.

Find the plastic bag or container with the main part of your bong and pour salt into it. Don’t worry about how much salt you pour — this is the one time it’s okay to be generous with the salt! This is how you will keep the main part of your glass bong clean and mold-free.

Step 6: Shake it up

Make sure each bag is sealed tightly to avoid making a mess and shake each of them. If you’re using a container, make sure to shake gently so you don’t end up smashing the glass pieces.

Step 7: Let it soak

Now relax and let the pieces sit in the cleaning solution for about 30 minutes. Although this step isn’t necessary, it will improve the effects of the cleaning solution. When you’re well versed in the specifics of how to clean a glass bong properly, you’ll know that there’s no such thing as being too clean!

Step 8: Remove the pieces

Once the pieces have soaked in the solution, remove them from their bags/containers. You can simply seal the bag and throw it away, as opposed to pouring the water into the sink causing a nasty resin mess.

Now you should be able to see how clean your glass bong looks, but don’t give it a try just yet!

Step 9: The final clean

As much as you don't want to inhale harmful substances found in a dirty bong, you also don't want to inhale any alcohol, or cleaning solutions that you used while cleaning your glass bong.

Rinse your bong thoroughly with warm water and some dishwashing liquid to remove any leftover stains and residue.

Step 10: Dry the bong

Still need to stock up on your supply? Not in the mood for a session right away? In that case, you can simply air dry your bong. If you can’t wait to indulge, then you can towel dry all the pieces before putting the bong back together.

Finally, you can give that spotless bong a test run. Light it up and enjoy the fresh flavor in all its glory, without the limitations of resin and bacteria. It’ll probably be more enjoyable now that you know how to properly clean a glass bong with ease.

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A Clean Bong, A Healthier Happier You!

Consistently cleaning your glass bong is vital for the enjoyment of your smoking sessions and your overall health. Using dish gloves during this process is highly advised, to protect your skin from the cleaners.

So, happy smoking! Remember you’re now an expert on how to keep a glass bong clean, so don’t forget to pour out the water when you’re done with your session.

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