Collection: Ash Catchers

Discover the perfect ash catcher at Smoke King! Our extensive collection features a wide range of high-quality attachments designed to keep ash and resin away from your bong, ensuring a cleaner and smoother smoking experience. These accessories are ideal for any bong enthusiast, as they help keep your piece cleaner and extend the life of your bong.

Why Use An Ash Catcher?

Having an ash filter in your setup not only removes the impurities, but it also adds an extra layer of filtration to your session, resulting in smoother hits and improved flavor. Whether you prefer glass or silicone attachments, we've got you covered! With options available in both 14mm and 18mm joint sizes, as well as different angles such as 45 degree and 90 degree ash catchers, you can easily find the ideal filtration attachment to complement your bong setup. Our carefully curated selection caters to all preferences, allowing you to customize and enhance your smoking sessions.


What is an ash catcher and how does it work?

These catchers are add-on devices for water pipes, crafted to capture ash and debris, thereby maintaining the cleanliness of the main chamber. They feature a percolation system that filters smoke, ensuring a smoother draw.

Do ash filters fit all bong sizes?

Our filter attachments come in various sizes and joint types to accommodate different bong configurations. It's essential to ensure compatibility by selecting an accessory with the appropriate joint size and angle for your piece.

Should I choose a 45 degree or 90 degree ash catcher?

The angle of your catcher can significantly impact your smoking experience. A 45 degree angle piece offers a slanted connection, minimizing spills and adding a distinctive aesthetic touch. Conversely, a 90 degree attachment provides a straight vertical alignment, ensuring clear smoke visibility and a timeless appearance. Choose the angle that best suits your coolest bong’s design and your personal preference.

Can I use an ash filter with a dab rig?

While these attachments are primarily designed for use with bongs, some may be compatible with dab rigs. However, it's essential to check compatibility and ensure a secure fit before use. For any inquiries or assistance, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Smoke King is the premier online smoke shop for top-quality smoking accessories, designed to enhance your sessions and keep your bong clean. We are committed to providing top-notch products, and our ash filtration attachments are made from durable materials, ensuring they stand the test of time. When you invest in these accessories from us, you're making a long-term investment in your smoking pleasure.