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Weed Gifts to Celebrate 420

The most lit holiday has certainly grown over the past few years. When it comes to 420 celebrations you have more choices than ever before to personalize your experience with cannabis. But with so many new products on the market, you may find it a bit difficult to choose the perfect weed gifts for 420. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best gifts for the stoners in your life.

First, Get Personal

When perusing an online smoke shop for gift ideas, it’s easy to take a “one-size fits all” approach to your stoner gifting. But with so many products on the market, you should get a bit more personal. Before you start to shop, it’s important to give some thought to a few key personal attributes of your special stoner. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are their favorite colors?
  • What kinds of music do they like?
  • How do they prefer to use their weed? Smoking, vaping, or edibles?
  • Are they a cannabis enthusiast or do they partake casually?

Getting to know your recipient is the key to giving the best, most memorable weed gifts.

Let The Gifting Begin

Gummy bears and cannabis weed gifts


The Pure Cannabis Gift

No matter if your stoner is a casual user or a daily enthusiast, there is nothing quite like giving the gift of top-shelf cannabis. In truth, it could be argued that this is the best of all 420 gifts. While it might be tempting to head straight to your local dispensary and buy their advertised top-shelf, you should consider a few things about your stoner first. Do they prefer indica or sativa strains? Are they a classic herb smoker or do they enjoy concentrates?

The Stash Jar

An airtight stash jar is essential for all smokers, which makes it one of the best weed gifts. Not only do these containers preserve the freshness of weed, they can make a decor statement. A stash jar comes in all kinds of shapes, styles, and designs. They can be discreet or overt. The better you know your stoner, the better you can choose the right jar that fits their style.

Rolling Trays

Weed gifts of cannabis flowers and joints on rolling tray


The rolling tray is another great 420 gift idea that gives you the opportunity to help your stoner keep their stash neat and tidy. But even rolling trays have come a long way over the years. You have so many designs to choose from, so knowing your recipient’s personality will go a long way. Plus, rolling trays now come in sets, which include a magnetic lid to keep joints and cones safely stored.

It’s true that the functionality of a rolling tray makes it an essential part of a stoner’s toolbox, but you may be surprised by how many stoners don’t own one. So even though the rolling tray is a classic, it’s still a great gift for weed lovers.


Pipes are a super affordable gift for nearly all stoners, but they are also the item where knowing your special stoner gets a little extra. With glass artists from around the world creating some of the most innovative designs, you will want to know their pop-culture likes and dislikes, you would even do well to know their favorite foods since you’re sure to find glass pipes that are shaped like pizza and donuts.


When it comes to gifting vapes, the options are nearly endless so we need to point out the variety of meanings surrounding “vapes.” Shopping for vapes could mean vape cartridge batteries, which are wildly valuable to stoners who enjoy a 510 thread concentrate cartridge.

Vapes could also mean “vaporizer,” which would include nectar collectors and portable dab rigs. This could also mean dry herb vaporizers, which would be the ultimate weed gift, as these vaporize cannabis flower and give your stoner more bang for their cannabis buck.

Serious Stoner Gifting

Honeycomb bong as a weed gift


The Bong

While the bong is a classic piece that nearly every stoner loves, gifting a bong is arguably a generous idea. A bong is exceptionally personal and a reflection of the individual’s unique personality, and there are ample bongs available to match everyone’s style. When you shop for bongs as a gift for 420, be on the lookout for the coolest bongs. When shopping for a weed-themed gift, the bong choices are nearly endless, so the deeper you know your stoner, the better.

The Dab Rig

Choosing to gift a dab rig means that your stoner is extra special to you. Dabbing is an artform and the essential tools for dabbing are key. You’ll want to select a quality dab rig whose size and style fits your stoner’s needs and personality.

Torch It Up

If a dab rig is a bit too much of a commitment, another great gift for weed lovers who dab is a butane torch. With fun styles and ergonomic designs, gifting a torch is easily a great gift option for dedicated dabbers.

Celebrate 420 in Style

Whether the stoner in your life is celebrating 420 or even 710, the basics are the same. You will want to know your recipient so you can give them something fun, memorable, and useful. Be sure to keep your budget in mind, as well. It is super fun to give gifts for 420 but as with everything, it can be as affordable or as expensive as you allow it to be. If you have trouble deciding what to give your special stoner, you can always reach out to 420 experts to get more ideas and inspiration.

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