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Smoke King Guide to Different Types of Bongs

Since each smoking session should be unique, Smoke King offers different types of bongs. While no bong is better than the next, each offers distinctive advantages, allowing smokers to customize their experiences. Not only should bongs be functional and durable, but they should be fun to use otherwise you’re in for a lame night.

At Smoke King, you can find the best of the best. Some of our most popular choices include mini, percolator, straight, tall, silicone, beaker, and so much more. By checking out these different kinds of bongs, you’re sure to find one you’ll love to take your smoking sessions to the next level.

Mini Bongs

If you’re looking for a short session and want to enjoy a quick hit, mini bongs are the way to go. They allow you to enjoy your favorite strains on the move since they’re small and portable. You can pack them up and pull them out to enjoy a smooth smoking session whenever the mood strikes. Plus, they’re discreet enough that nobody will know what you’re carrying!

When looking at different types of bongs, smokers love mini bongs since they offer less drag. Beginner smokers can especially appreciate this. Additionally, with less water volume and short downtubes, you can inhale deeper, more flavorful hits from a mini bong.

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Percolator Bongs

Of all the different kinds of bongs available, percolator bongs are always a top choice for cannabis lovers. Due to their specialized filtration system, they cool down smoke for more comfortable smoking, meaning you won’t feel that heat in your throat as you smoke. Plus, an extra chamber provides increased water flow to filter the smoke.

For big-time smokers exploring the different types of bongs, the perc is awesome for enjoying less harsh smoking, thanks to the extra level of filtration. As a result, they can indulge in longer sessions.

Straight Bongs

A classic but a favorite, smokers of all experience levels love straight tube bongs for several reasons. While there are different types and shapes of bongs available, straight bongs have a straightforward design, making them simple to use. Smokers fill with water, pack their bowls with herbs, and these bongs are ready to enjoy.

Since the smoke comes straight up, smokers get quicker, more intense hits. With minimal drag, you can enjoy smooth and controlled tokes, so you don’t have to inhale so hard. Many smokers also love the fun purr-like sound these bongs make.

Tall Bongs

When space isn’t an issue, and you want to make a statement, tall bongs are the answer when researching different types of bongs. They are perfect for more experienced smokers since they have a larger chamber to handle a more massive volume of smoke. Consequently, you’ll enjoy bigger hits.

Tall bongs have additional airspace in the downstem, which gives the smoke a longer time to cool down. Cooled smoke provides smoother, more comfortable hits. More skilled smokers know this means less coughing and more time to enjoy their favorite strains.

Silicone Bongs

Among the many different types of bongs at Smoke King, silicone bongs are always a top choice. The main draw is how durable silicone is, ensuring your bong lasts through countless smoking sessions. For those smokers who are a bit clumsy, these bongs can withstand breaks, chips, cracks, and more. That’s why they’re the perfect daily bong.

Additionally, these are the perfect pieces to travel with, allowing smokers to take them anywhere. If that’s not enough, silicone is easy to clean, so you can enjoy more hygienic sessions.

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Beaker Bongs

As you learn about the different kinds of bongs, you have to check out beaker bongs. These not only have a fun style and design, but they have an extra-wide bottom. This allows them to remain stable on a variety of surfaces. Further, smokers can clean them easily to ensure you only taste your favorite herbs and nothing else.

With its long, thinner neck, more water can circulate through to achieve smoother and cooler hits that make smoking more comfortable. Since they are typically made out of extra-thick glass, beaker bongs are sturdy and built to last.

Cartoon Bongs

While many different types of bongs are plain Jane, you can add some fun to your world with a cartoon bong. After all, you’re never too old for cartoons. You can get pieces featuring some of your most beloved characters from Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, South Park, and more. Imagine how much more fun indulging in your favorite herbs will be.

Glow-in-the-Dark Bongs

Smokers looking for different kinds of bongs that make a unique statement need to look no further than glow-in-the-dark. Not only are they fun to turn off the lights to show off for your smoke buddies, but they’re also very functional. Just like all of Smoke King’s products, they are made of the finest materials like borosilicate glass and silicone to ensure they’re durable.

Smoke King Bong Collection

Some of the coolest bongs you’ll come across are ones from the Smoke King Bong Collection. These bongs come in different types, sizes, shapes, and materials to offer something unique to all smokers.

If you want to show off to your smoking buddies, these eye-catching pieces are the way to go, with some of the best designs you’ve ever seen. There’s something to meet everybody’s taste with these different types of bongs.

King of Bongs

For a top online smoke shop offering everything you need—and some things you never thought of—Smoke King is at your service. We pride ourselves on selling different types of premium bongs and a wide range of smoking accessories. Whatever you purchase, you can count on affordable prices and fast, discreet shipping. You’ll also love our helpful customer service. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or require assistance as you check out the different kinds of bongs we offer.

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