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Grav Beaker Bong in Silicone

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The GRAV® Deco Beaker in Silicone is a fusion of style and functionality that elevates your smoking experience. Unlike typical silicone bongs, this piece boasts a primary construction of borosilicate glass, ensuring the purity of your herb's flavor with each clean hit. Designed with a classic beaker shape, the wide base offers a substantial chamber, while subtle Art Deco influences add a touch of sophistication.

- A sleek beaker-style bong with a wide base for a spacious chamber
- A borosilicate downstem
- A GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl
- Removable silicone cushions at the most common breakpoints: base, mouthpiece, and joint
- A removable fission downstem tip in silicone
- Two silicone cleaning caps


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Durable Defense: Removable Silicone Cushions

Say goodbye to worries about breakage – removable silicone cushions safeguard vulnerable points like the base, mouthpiece, and downstem joint. Cleaning is a breeze with the included silicone cleaning caps; just add isopropyl alcohol and shake for a fresh-as-new shine. This hybrid silicone bong also features a borosilicate downstem, GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl, and a removable fission downstem tip in silicone. Elevate your smoking ritual with the perfect blend of style and functionality.