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Voopoo DRAG X PNP-X Kit

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Introducing the VooPoo Drag X PnP-X Kit – the ultimate vaping companion. Experience the future with the new PnP X Pod for unrivaled flavor and clouds. Enjoy personalized draws with the Infinite Airflow System and intelligent wattage matching. Powered by the latest Gene TT Chip, it offers lightning-fast performance. With a 2500mAh built-in battery and an external 18650 option, vaping just got better. Stylish, compact, and durable, the Drag X PnP-X Kit is your gateway to vaping bliss. Elevate your experience today.


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Infinite Airflow System

80 W max output

PNP VM1(0.3ohm) and PNP VM6(0.15ohm) Included

Capacity: 5.0ml

Resistance: 0.15ohm (PnP-VM6), 0.3 ohm(Pnp-VM1)

Output Power: 5-80W

Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V

Resistance: 0.1-3.0ohm

Battery Capacity: Single 18650 (excluding battery)

How To Use Voopoo DRAG X PNP-X:

1. Charging:

-Before your first use, ensure that the device is fully charged. Connect the included USB Type-C cable to the charging port on the device and plug it into a suitable power source. The screen will display the charging progress. Once fully charged, unplug it.

2. Power On/Off:

-To turn on the device, press the fire button (the round button on the front of the mod) five times quickly. The screen will light up.

-To turn off the device, press the fire button five times again.

3. Installing the Battery:

-The Voopoo DRAG X PNP-X Kit uses an external 18650 battery. Open the battery door on the bottom of the device and insert the battery following the correct polarity (+ and -).

-Close the battery door securely.

4. Attaching the Pod:

-The kit comes with a pod that you can fill with e-liquid. Locate the pod slot on the top of the device.

-Push down on the pod to secure it in place.

5. Filling the Pod:

-Remove the pod from the device and locate the fill port.

-Open the silicone stopper and fill the pod with your preferred e-liquid, making sure not to overfill.

-Close the silicone stopper securely.

6. Adjusting Wattage:

-Use the "+" and "-" buttons located beneath the screen to adjust the wattage to your preference. You can tailor the wattage to the type of coil and e-liquid you're using.

7. Inhale and Vape:

-Press and hold the fire button while inhaling slowly to take a puff.

-Release the fire button when you've had enough.

8. LED Screen and Settings:

-The OLED screen on the Voopoo DRAG X PNP-X Kit displays essential information, such as wattage, resistance, voltage, and battery life.

-You can access various settings and modes by pressing the fire button three times. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to navigate and make adjustments.

9. Safety and Maintenance:

-Always use compatible coils and follow safety guidelines.

-Replace the coil when it starts to produce a burnt taste or when vapor production decreases.

-Keep your device away from extreme temperatures, water, and direct sunlight.

-That's a basic guide for using the Voopoo DRAG X PNP-X Kit. Remember to consult the user manual for your specific device for any model-specific details, as features can vary between different versions. Also, ensure you're using the correct coils and e-liquids for your setup, and follow safety guidelines for vaping.