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Voopoo Argus AIR

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The Voopoo Argus AIR stands out with its remarkable versatility, offering a unique blend of pod and mod capabilities. One key aspect that sets it apart is the dual-firing mechanism, allowing users to switch between button-activated and draw-activated vaping. The 900mAh built-in battery ensures a reliable power source, supporting extended vaping sessions without the constant need for recharging. The intelligent GENE.AI chipset enhances performance, delivering swift and precise firing for an instant and satisfying draw. Whether you prefer the convenience of draw activation or the tactile feel of button firing, the Voopoo Argus AIR seamlessly adapts to your vaping style, making it a standout choice in the world of pod systems.


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Dual-firing mechanism (button-activated and draw-activated)

900mAh built-in battery

GENE.AI chipset for swift and precise firing

Pod and mod hybrid design

Compatible with both standard pods and pod cartridges

Adjustable wattage for personalized vaping experience

Compact and ergonomic design

PnP series coil compatibility for versatile vaping options

How To Use Voopoo Argus AIR:

-Use the provided USB cable to connect the Voopoo Argus AIR to a power source.

-Allow the device to charge until the LED indicator signals a full charge.

Step 2: Pod Installation

-Remove the pod from the packaging.

-Detach the pod cartridge from the magnetic base if necessary.

-Align the flat edges of the pod cartridge with the corresponding edges inside the device and firmly push it into place until you hear a click.

Step 3: Filling the Pod

-Lift the rubber plug on the side of the pod to reveal the fill port.

-Fill your preferred e-liquid into the pod, being careful not to overfill.

-Replace the rubber plug securely to prevent any leaks.

Step 4: Turning On/Off

-To turn on the Voopoo Argus AIR, press the fire button five times rapidly.

-To turn off the device, repeat the same five-click sequence.

Step 5: Vaping

-With the pod installed and the battery charged, you're ready to vape.

-Inhale through the mouthpiece either using the draw-activated feature or press the fire button for a button-activated draw, depending on your preference.

Step 6: Adjusting Wattage (if applicable)

-If your Argus AIR has adjustable wattage settings, use the designated buttons to set your desired wattage.

Step 7: Safety and Maintenance

-Store the device away from extreme temperatures and moisture.

-Clean the pod and device regularly to maintain optimal performance.

-Monitor the e-liquid level, and refill as needed to prevent dry hits.

Step 8: Troubleshooting

-If you encounter issues, consult the user manual or contact Voopoo's customer support.

-With these straightforward steps, you can quickly set up your Voopoo Argus AIR and start enjoying a personalized and satisfying vaping experience.