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Vaporesso OSMALL 2

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The Vaporesso OSMALL 2 is a pocket-sized powerhouse, designed with the ultimate portability in mind. Its standout feature lies in its compact form, making it the ideal companion for vapers on the move. Despite its small size, the OSMALL 2 packs a punch with efficient performance, delivering a satisfying vaping experience wherever life takes you. Slip it into your pocket or purse, and enjoy the freedom of having a reliable and discreet pod system always within reach. The convenience and simplicity of this small wonder, combined with its impressive performance, make the Vaporesso OSMALL 2 a compelling choice for those who crave on-the-go satisfaction without compromising on quality.

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Dimensions: 86.8mm x 26.5mm x 13.5mm

Built-in Battery Capacity: 450mAh

E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml

Auto-Draw Activated

Instant Firing Speed: 0.001s

New SSS Leak-Resistant Technology

Zinc-Alloy Construction

Multiple Safety Features

How To Vaporesso OSMALL 2:

Step 1: Unboxing and Overview

-Begin by unboxing your Vaporesso OSMALL 2, ensuring that all components are present.

-Familiarize yourself with the key components: the OSMALL 2 device and the refillable pod.

Step 2: Pod Installation

-Locate the pod slot on the OSMALL 2 device.

-Insert the pod into the slot, ensuring it clicks securely into place.

Step 3: Filling the Pod

-Identify the side-fill port on the pod.

-Open the silicone plug on the side to reveal the fill port.

-Fill the pod with your preferred e-liquid, being careful not to overfill.

-Close the silicone plug securely to prevent any leaks.

Step 4: Pod Activation

-The Vaporesso OSMALL 2 is draw-activated, meaning there is no fire button.

-Inhale through the mouthpiece to activate the device and enjoy a smooth draw.

Step 5: Monitoring E-Liquid Levels

-Keep an eye on the pod's transparent design to monitor your e-liquid levels easily.

-Refill the pod as needed to ensure a continuous vaping experience.

Step 6: Charging the Device

-When the battery needs charging, locate the charging port on the bottom of the device.

-Connect the provided USB cable to the device and the other end to a power source for charging.

Step 7: Safety Features

-The Vaporesso OSMALL 2 is equipped with safety features, including short-circuit protection and overcharge protection.

-Familiarize yourself with these features in the user manual for a safe vaping experience.

Step 8: Cleaning and Maintenance

-Regularly clean the pod and device to ensure optimal performance.

-Replace the pod as needed for the best flavor and vapor production.

Step 9: Additional Features

-Explore the compact design of the OSMALL 2, making it easy to carry and conceal.

-Enjoy the simplicity of use with no buttons, perfect for hassle-free vaping on the go.

-By following these steps, you can easily set up and start using the Vaporesso OSMALL 2 pod system, enjoying a convenient and satisfying vaping experience.