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Vaporesso Luxe QS

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The Vaporesso Luxe QS is an enticing masterpiece of vaping technology. With its striking design and compact elegance, it's a device that effortlessly combines style and performance. The device's power and battery capacity are surprisingly robust for its size, providing you with extended vaping sessions without compromise. Beyond its impressive functionality, the Luxe QS is a statement of sophistication, fitting comfortably in your hand or pocket, making it the perfect companion for those who demand both style and substance from their vaping device. If you're seeking an enticing, all-in-one vaping solution that marries aesthetics with performance, look no further than the Vaporesso Luxe QS.


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2mL pod capacity

1,000mAh battery power

Salt nic and e-juice compatible

Compact and portable design

High-capacity battery

OLED display screen

Multiple coil compatibility

Top-fill design

Multiple safety protections

How To Use Vaporesso Luxe QS:

Step 1: Turning On/Off

-This version of the Luxe device does not have a fire button.

-The device will turn on automatically and continually stay on when a pod is inserted into the device.

Step 2: Pod Installation

-Ensure the pod is correctly installed in the pod by removing the plastic sleeve from the bottom of the pod.

-Insert the pod into the device, making sure it securely clicks into place.

Step 3: Filling the Pod

-Open the fill port on the pod by pushing against the black top located at the top of the pod.

-Carefully fill your e-liquid into the pod while avoiding overfilling.

-Snap the black mouthpiece back onto the pod. There should be a click heard to ensure that the mouthpiece is securely placed.

Step 4: Priming the Coil

-Before your first use or when changing the pod, it's essential to prime it.

-Allow the pod to sit for a few minutes after filling to ensure the coil is saturated with e-liquid.

Step 5: Vaping

-No button is required to vape this device. Simply begin inhaling to enjoy your vape!

-Pay attention to the e-liquid level in the pod and refill as needed. Never let the cotton in the coil be uncovered by liquid. Doing so will result in burning the cotton and ruining the pod.

Step 6: Charging

-Connect the device to a power source and ensure it's fully charged before use.

-Removing the pod from the device while it's charging will help increase the life of the coil.

Step 7: Maintenance

-Regularly clean the pod and replace the pod when burnt to maintain optimal performance and flavor.

-Keep the contacts and threading clean to ensure a good connection.

-With this user-friendly guide, you can confidently use the Vaporesso Luxe QS pod system vape and enjoy a satisfying vaping experience.