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Smoke King

Pickle Rick Juice Box Bong

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Introducing the Juice Box Bong with a whimsical Pickle Rick twist that's sure to tickle your sense of adventure! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bong boasts a quirky and captivating design featuring everyone's favorite animated character.

Immerse yourself in a world of smooth hits and pure enjoyment, thanks to the quality durable glass construction. Standing tall at 6 inches, it's the perfect size for both discreet solo sessions and lively gatherings with friends. The 14mm bowl piece fits seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time.

9mm borosilicate glass
- 6' Inch tall juice box bong
- Fits 14mm Bowl piece

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Unleash your inner pickle-loving enthusiast while relishing the impeccable craftsmanship and functionality of the Juice Box Bong. Order the Juice Box Bong with Pickle Rick design today and add a dash of playfulness to your smoking sessions. Remember, it's not just a bong; it's a statement piece that embraces quality, creativity, and endless fun.


The 510-cartridge battery that's the size of a friendly pocket gnome is like the superhero of vaping devices. It's the power behind the throne, the driving force that brings your favorite cartridges to life. With its magical 510 threading, it seamlessly connects to a wide variety of cartridges, making it the ultimate matchmaker for your vaping pleasure.